Oh, the people you meet.

So yesterday some lady calls my phone asking about my lost cat and if I had found her. It was apparent that this lady was very passionate about cats. We talked for about twenty minutes about cats (she has two Himalayans that are strictly indoor). She says she’s been feeding two cats and one of them is black and white. At the end of the unusually long call she says she’ll call me if she sees them. Today she called while I was right across the street, so I went over to her house. On the phone, she told me she was dressed a little “crazy” because she had a rough morning. She was actually really cool. Very eccentric. Anyway, she looked like an older version of Lady GaGa. That’s the only thing I can think of. Long bleach blonde hair pieces with extensions (she told me all about her hair, so I’m well informed on the subject), strapless lace-y dress, thick black eyeliner, hot pink lips rimmed with magenta lip-liner, giant sunglasses and high heeled leather booties with studs. I pretty much know Jude’s life story from my half hour encounter. To sum it up, she’s currently unemployed but used to design¬†jewelry¬†and things for QVC, Express, and other stores. She told me she smokes weed and we should smoke sometime. It would be weird but I’d hang out with her, I think.

Also- I saw the cat, but it wasn’t Lily. :(

I just felt like writing this because strange things happen to me all the time.